Pannon Induvation

About Us

Our company is at disposal for anyone who would like to have a unique electrical machine which cannot be found among the products (machines) on the market. Please feel free to contact us because we have been experiencing a lot during our work such as single and three phase asynchronous machine, permanent magnet synchronous machine, switched reluctance machine, injector magnets, rotating and linear motion actuators.


We would be delighted to help you in the designing and execution of your project. We define the demands towards the machine together with you, then a consultation will be held during the various, predefined phases of the designing where the partial results will be described in order to make our customer satisfied with the product.



If required, we are at your disposal in producing the electrical machines designed by us.


We are able to measure various types of rotary machines on our test bench.

Measurement ranges:

Speed: 0 … ± 15000 1/min
Torque: 0 … ± 200 Nm
Angle:with 0,225° accuracy
Temperature: -250°C … 750°C
Voltage:0 … 1000 V
Current:  0 … 600 A


Our partners are from the field electromobility, power generation, energy storage, automatization and engine management system.